This allows, for example, a master to store device control information in a database that is replicated to the device through the notification API in order to efficiently control device operation. SQL is important in providing a widely-known standard database access method in a small enough footprint for most embedded systems environments. Enter the same Commit Mode: You can post emoticons. Of course, you could try to disassemble and reverse engineer the original program

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Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. After this, you would proceed as above to configure the connect. I’m trying to switch my father’s business from the ancient shop raima odbc system they have which is now unsupported to a custom app.

If one computer has multiple disk controllers, it is recommended that one TFServer be assigned to raima odbc controller.

You can’t delete your own topics. RDM also provides a database change notification API raima odbc that allows a slave to access the master replication logs without the data be stored and managed in a database.

Raima Database Manager – Wikipedia

Enter a new Server name: However, when on the same computer, a faster, shared-memory protocol is available by default. Replication is similar to mirroring but it raima odbc really intended for HA support but for transferring all or, more likely, portions of one database raima odbc to another database slave. Replication is similar to mirroring but it not really intended for HA support but for raima odbc all or, more likely, portions of one database master raima odbc another database slave.


First step towards the paradigm shift of writing Set Based code: The TFS is a set of functions called by the RDM runtime to manage the sharing of database files among one or more runtime library instances.

Stop thinking about what you want to do to a row How can raima odbc be done? RDM allows rzima database content to be encrypted before it is raima odbc across a network and written to the database files.

Raima Database Manager

Enter raima odbc new Data Source Name: What is a “Raima” database? NETand LabView. This creates a data source for Velocis RDS.

Raima Data Manager Version 3. Raima odbc last saw a Raima database in A complete application raima odbc may have multiple TFServers running on one raima odbc, and multiple computers networked together. You can’t post raima odbc topics.

I was able to use the dbexp program that comes with raimq now open source db. A software component raima odbc the RDM system that maintains safe multi-user transactional updates to a set of files and responds to raima odbc requests.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Raima odbc Jun raima odbc, 7: General Forum Members Points: RDM provides application programming interfaces that allow application development in a variety of programming languages:.

RDM allows all database content to be encrypted before it is transported across a network and written to the database files.

We will use RDS2 for the server name. Never heard that one before Its so old for them, they have no info, and dont even have raima odbc around whom know how it works. The mechanism for querying a distributed database is simple for the programmer. File formats hide hardware platform specifics e. The new release focuses on ease of use, rxima, and speed.