In multithreaded applications, a thread that issues requests on different connection handles to the same database may encounter lock conflicts with itself. To use a different value for the second occurrence of a in the SQL statement above:. You can specify the number of rows to be prefetched as follows. Associative array parameters are not supported with JDBC batch execution. Wo rking with TimesTen result sets: It is recommended that you use Java 6 with TimesTen. It includes the following topics:

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Disable autocommit oracle timesten jdbc follows: TimesTen has features to control database access with object-level resolution for database objects such as tables, views, materialized views, sequences, and synonyms.

Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

I use next method. FailoverTypewhich is an enumeration type. A temporary LOB exists only within an application.

The position method, which returns the position where a specified byte pattern or Oracle timesten jdbc pattern begins, is not supported.

PooledConnection is implemented by ObservableConnection. Oracle timesten jdbc to “Create a connection URL for the database and specify connection attributes”. The read method of an InputStream or Reader object returns 0 zero if the length of the buffer used in the method call is 0, regardless of the amount of data in the InputStream or Reader object.


This section covers the following additional features:. Any significant number of such manipulations may necessitate oracle timesten jdbc size increase for the TimesTen temporary data region.

In that case, the LOB size increases oracle timesten jdbc to accommodate the data. Example Prepared statements for updating and querying. Free Blob resources when the application is done with it. For example, there could be an array of department managers indexed by department numbers. Ope n and close a direct connection Example shows the general framework for an application that uses the DriverManager class to create a direct connection to the sample database, execute some SQL, and then close the connection.

Instead, you can use the TimesTen extended interface TimesTenCallableStatementwhich has oracle timesten jdbc registerOutParameter signature oracle timesten jdbc enables you to specify the maximum data length.

Here are some examples of events that cause TimesTen to issue a warning: See the level1 demo for an example on how to use the DriverManager method getConnectionand the level2 and level3 demos for examples of using the TimesTenDataSource method getConnection. Parallel replication over multiple threads that automatically enforces transactional dependencies, but does not enforce transactions to be committed in the same order on the subscriber database as on the master database.

If there oracle timesten jdbc a failure of the active node, failover transfer to the new active original standby node occurs, and applications are automatically reconnected to the new active node.


Connect to an Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database using Java and JDBC

ClientFailoverEvent class This class is used to represent events that occur during a client failover: You must specify the parameter by position.

Refer to “Considering TimesTen features for access control” oracle timesten jdbc related information. Create an instance of your listener class, then register it using this method.

The level4 demo demonstrates the use of multiple threads. No uncommitted or rolled back transactions are reflected.

Detecting a failover through this mechanism is referred to as synchronous detection. TimesTen supports the following types of parallel replication: Stat ement Djbc are no restrictions.

Synchronous detectionthrough a SQL exception: Setting temporary passthrough level with the ttOptSetFlag built-in procedure. See “JDBC support for automatic oracle timesten jdbc failover”.

In many cases this is wasteful.

If an error has occurred, you may want to roll back the transaction before disconnecting from the database.