Too quirky for the mainstream. You should be able to get to the Tuning Adapter diagnostic screens to see what version of the firmware your tuning adapter has running. How many tuners supported by Cisco STA tuning adapter? He also gave me some instructions to have included in the appointment notes for the next tech to reference, and gave me his direct number in case I ever ran into any other issues. I went by the local TWC office and got another one and hooked it up and it worked immediately.

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Thankfully for us, we got paired up with a knowledgeable CSR on the first attempt.

Cisco STA Tuning Adaptor – Time Warner Cable | eBay

I went to my local spectrum office this past Saturday to swap out the tuning adapter cisco sta1520 suggested. Most Active Forum Topics this week Once the initialization of the tuning adapter was complete, the TiVo diagnostic screen allowed us to change channels cisco sta1520 the STA, confirming that everything was cisco sta1520 correctly.

Is there a configuration I can get or set up to be able to use all six cisco sta1520 my tivo’s tuners? Techie01 to surfinsam Member Aug 7: Better late than never, though — last week we got a letter indicating that cisco sta1520 Tuning Adapter was ready for pickup at the local Cox office, thankfully still gratis.

I just had spectrum service installed yesterday in a legacy charter area Long Beach,CA and have a 6 tuner cisco sta1520 bolt cisco sta1520 which previously worked flawlessly with Frontier Fios. While it is annoying to pay the cable company for channels you can’t receive, the hour or so spent in getting set up and the hassle of finding a nook to stuff the adapter in might not be worth the effort.


Since the initial announcement, other cable markets — both Cox and other providers — have already delivered tuning adapters to users.

For our troubles, we got a Cisco Scientific Atlanta STA that the Cox representative made abundantly clear was free only as long as we stayed a customer. This is all over the TiVo community forums, but in case you missed it I’ll say it here.

Solved: Cisco STA tunning adapter MPEG-4 – Welcome to the Community Forums

That tends to get someone at Charter to call you who is cisco sta1520 competent. I went by the local TWC office and got another one and hooked it up and it worked immediately.

When I got home, the online activation system would not allow cisco sta1520 access, so I called in and the phone rep could not get the adapter to activate and scheduled a tech visit for Sunday. That isn’t a bad idea.

Cisco sta1520 the second charter install tech came by today and did some very basic diagnostics only sent a reboot cisco sta1520 to the STA which didn’t work and he then said that I just won’t cico able to get my full line-up unless I rent a box from them. From around the web.

That’s probably going to be cisco sta1520 just pairing it but L-Charter doesn’t have a dedicated Cable card team and phone support can’t do anything regarding firmware on the TA, they’ll either send a tech out or refer you to a local office to swap it. The TiVo diagnostic screen for the cisco sta1520 adapter, however, indicated “No channels available.

Scaled-down software meets cheap hardware. Rather than argue, Cisco sta1520 thanked him for his attempt at helping and sent him on his way.

Cisco STA1520 SDV tuning adapter impressions

cisco sta1520 In our particular locale and at this time, Cox has moved about 40 channels to SDV, with about half of those channels in its “Paquete Latino” tier. Try this cisco sta1520 number if it is: As is always the case with phone support, the CSR customer service representative is the biggest factor in how successful your call will be.

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How many tuners supported by Cisco STA tuning adapter? We’ll admit we think we got lucky in this round of CSR roulette, but to be fair, Cox is doing the right thing with a “no service fee” policy on getting the Tuning Adapters up and running — even if it involves a truck roll. Have a look at this thread on the Tivo site. Cisco sta1520 quirky for the mainstream. If that doesn’t work, then I do suggest that you file an FCC complaint. The next tech came by today and using the cisco sta1520 tech’s notes, set-up a new tuning adapter and cable card, and I am now happily receiving all channels with six working tuners on my Tivo.

However, as it turns cisco sta1520, the local office incorrectly processed my equipment exchange and the old adapter was still on there which messed up my account so that no new equipment would activate.

Perusing some discussion boards around cisco sta1520 internet, however, does turn up some complaints cisco sta1520 adapters needing restarting, which can be really annoying if you lose signal right in the middle of a recording.

These tuning adapters are sta15200 finicky and they don’t seem to like the MoCA signals. While the TiVo will receive non-SDV channels even when the adapter is cisco sta1520 off, it does require about 30 seconds to re-tune.